Your partner in cabin construction
and supply



Our products comply with the requirements stipulated by the customer or the specific requirements for each application.  


We are able to carry out the following tests for you:


- ROPS test

- FOPS test

- weld testing

- TÜV testing

- CAT4 filtration test

- point testing


We will very soon comply with EN1090 EXC2 (welding) EXC4 (lasering and bending). Watch this space!


We have a full design department in which your products can be developed using the most modern techniques. Your products are designed using the latest 3D drawing packages.
We discuss this 3D model intensively with the customer before effective commencement of production.
Where necessary, particular components are 3D printed for the purpose of carrying out specific tests beforehand.


Following development, your product is manufactured with advanced machinery and followed up with an extensive ERP package.